Kickoff post.

I've been mulling over whether I should create a blog or not for years now, and I've finally decided to jump in and see what happens. Before I start doing my part to fill the internet with the opinions of people who sometimes kind of know what they're talking about a few details about myself.

I'm 32 years old, male, married, and a systems engineer at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Silicon Valley.

I'm an atheist, socially liberal, economically conservative. For anyone putting that in the perspective of American politics no, economically conservative does NOT mean I economically agree with Republicans... who wouldn't know economic conservatism if they were clubbed over the head with it. I'm not planning on restricting my posting on this blog to any one particular theme, but you can probably expect me to do a lot of spouting off about religion and politics. One of my personal pet subjects of discussion is evolutionary theory so expect to see that subject coming up relatively often.

That about covers the basics, I'll let my impending rambling and ranting fill in the details.

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